Alexis Olerio is a Personal and Group Fitness Instructor as well as a Wellness and Holistic coach. She is a certified ISSA personal trainer and Master Trainer for the Alexander Method of SMR (Self Myofascial Release).


In 2007, her career in the health and fitness industry was ignited by her own personal journey– an unexpected, life-altering fall rendered her right arm useless for over two years. Medical professionals warned Alexis that there was a possibility that she may not regain full mobility of her arm. Surgeries, extensive rehab, hard work, and perseverance coupled with the unwillingness to accept defeat, she was able to overcome physical and mental obstacles she faced during this trying time. Alexis believes that the challenge of adversity was the springboard that catapulted her to the knowledge of how powerful food, exercise, and the strength and will of the spirit are to overall health and succeeding against the odds. During her process of recovery and self discovery, she realized her calling as a fitness professional. She thrives on inspiring others to overcome challenging circumstances and assists in making positive changes necessary to live the lives we truly desire and deserve.


Alexis’s “ABC’s to Life”– Aspire, Believe, and Conquer demonstrates her fiercely driven passion to help others become the best version of themselves.